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Contact for industry

Emilia Król
phone: +48 12 664 41 38

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Our services

We are open to companies that would like to cooperate with us; both those experienced in partnerships with research institutions and those new to this area of development. Our industry liaison office is ready to help you to choose the best way for cooperation.

Keep in mind that our Centre has not only science equipment but also specialist scientists proficient in electronics, vacuum systems engineering, RF systems, metrology, PLC systems, IT and many other domains.

For more information about our services please contact our ILO.

Synchrotrons and the industry

Synchrotron measuring capabilities are greater than those of a standard laboratory. Unique equipment, extremely bright light source, maximally reduced acquisition time – all this makes laboratories using standard UV or X-ray light sources inferior to synchrotron facilities.

Very interesting examples of measurements performed for the industry in synchrotron facilities can be found on websites of the Diamond synchrotron in the UK and the ESRF synchrotron.

Invest in SOLARIS

Good investment: invest in one beamline, use sixteen!

Opportunities: broad offer from material to life sciences!

Novelty: technologically one of the most advanced infrastructure in the world!

Effectiveness: no operational costs, no fees!

Support: in-house expertise and international collaboration!

Perspectives: the gate to the largest research instruments in Europe!

Simplicity: clear and friendly procedures!

Location: magnificent city of Krakow (UNESCO list)

Accessibility: close to the airport, motorway and city center







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