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PEEM end station

X-PEEM method

In a photoemission microscope with soft X-rays as an excitation source, XAS, XMCD and XPS spectroscopies are implemented with a lateral resolution of tens of nanometers. In this way, surface imaging with chemical, electronic and magnetic sensitivity is realized.


The station is equipped with an Elmitec photoemission microscope PEEM III with energy analyser. Samples are mounted on dedicated holders.

A preparation chamber, directly attached to the microscope, is as a standard equipped with:

  • vacuum load-lock;
  • LEED/AES Spectrometer;
  • metal (Fe, Co, Au, Ni) and MgO vapour sources controlled with a quartz crystal balance;
  • broad beam ion gun (Ar);
  • O2 dosing;
  • typical single crystalline substrates.

Sample requirements

  • UHV compatible;
  • flat;
  • should not charge under X-ray illumination;
  • diameter < 14 mm, height < 3 mm.

Imaging conditions

  • probing depth of a few nanometers;
  • image acquisition time from msec to several tens of minutes;
  • field of view  5 μm - 150 μm;
  • sample temperature 100 K - 1200 K (300 K - 2000 K in preparation chamber);
  • maximum imaging pressure  ~ 1*10-6 mbar.

Measurement geometry

The incidence angle of the synchrotron beam is fixed to the 16 degrees. The sample can be rotated over 360 degrees about the axis normal to the sample surface (azimuthal).