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SOLAIR (under construction)

The beamline will enable chemical analyzes at the micro-scale and intermolecular interaction studies in a wide range from far (FIR), through average (MIR) to close infrared (NIR). Such a wide spectral range on one end station is very rare and will allow to undertake research as well as development and application works in biomedicine, nanotechnology, environmental sciences and many other fields of science.

Status: beamline under construction
Source: bending magnet
Photon energy range: 500 meV – 12,5 meV
Radiation polarisation: linear, circular
End stations: FTIR microscope, AFM-sSNOM-FTIR microscope, O-PTIR (optical photothermal IR spectroscopy with Raman spectroscopy)
Research techniques: IR microscopy and imaging (with a FPA detector), AFM-sSNOM-FTIR imaging, simultaneous Raman and IR imaging.