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New beamline in the new call for proposals

New beamline in the new call for proposals

For the sixth time in our history, we are opening a call for proposals. But for the first time, we have available a new beamline called: PHELIX. The PHELIX end station offers X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy.

On the PHELIX beamline will be possible the following application:

  • new materials for spintronics and magnetoelectronics, topological insulators
  • thin films and multilayers systems including samples obtained in-situ
  • surface of bulk compounds
  • surface magnetism, spin polarized surface states
  • chemical reactions taking place on the surface.

As in the previous calls on SOLARIS also are available the PEEM end station (a photoemission electron microscope), the XAS end station (X-ray absorption spectroscopy), the UARPES end station (ultra angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy), and the Titan Krios G3i cryo-electron microscope.

If you are not sure, whether your experiment is feasible, or you are a new user and you have questions about how to prepare the sample, we recommend phone contact with beamline scientists:

  • the UARPES beamline – dr Natalia Olszowska, phone, +48 12 664 41 72 or Marcin Rosmus, phone: +48 12 664 41 26,
  • the PEEM/XAS beamline – dr Marcin Zając, phone, +48 12 664 41 59 (end-station XAS) or dr Tomasz Giela, phone: +48 12 664 41 35 (end-station PEEM)
  • the PHELIX beamline – dr Magdalena Szczepanik-Ciba, phone: +48 519-307-867 or  Tomasz Sobol, phone: + 48 12 664 41 46
  • the cryo-microscope – dr Michał Rawski, phone: +48 12 664 61 06; dr inż. Paulina Indyka phone: +48 12 664 61 06, dr Sebastian Glatt, phone: +48 12 664 63 21.

However, if you have any questions on your stay in Kraków or other logistic and organizational issues, please contact the SOLARIS User`s Office, phone: +48 12 664 41 99.

Access to SOLARIS is free of charge for all non-proprietary research. User groups from outside Poland may apply for a reimbursement of travel costs (thanks to CALIPSOPlus project).

The autumn call is for experiments to be performed from March till August of the following year.

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