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Researchers Night 2023 Contact:

MSc. Natalia Zapart
phone: +48 12 664 41 38; +48 453 689 818

MSc. Eng. Joanna Kowalik
phone: +4812 664 41 42; +48 506 006 630

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Workshops, scientific demonstrations, meetings with researchers - the Malopolska Reserachers Night at the SOLARIS Centre!

Workshops, scientific demonstrations, meetings with researchers - the Malopolska Reserachers Night at the SOLARIS Centre!

We cordially invite you to the next edition of the iconic event Malopolska Night of Scientists, which will take place on September 29th. On this day, the doors of the only synchrotron in Poland will be wide open to visitors. See the program below and visit us on the last Friday of September.

29th of September 2023 (Friday)

Workshops, demonstrations, eye-to-eye meetings with scientists who work at the synchrotron every day - all this and more, is scheduled for this year's program. If you've always wanted to see the synchrotron, understand how it works, and learn interesting facts about the construction of this incredibly precise machine, visit us on Researchers Night! 

Registration for the events starts on  September 21st  at 9:00 am, on the website of the Malopolska Reserachers Night.

We also invite you without registration to meetings with scientists and demonstrations of experiments. 

(All activities are in Polish)

What is SYNCHROTRON? Discover the largest research infrastructure in the country

Type: Guided tour

Event Description:  What is a synchrotron and why should every Cracovian be proud that we have one right here in our city? Can synchrotron light be used to study works of art, photovoltaic panels, batteries, the structure of viruses, or bone remains? What groundbreaking research is being conducted at the center?  The synchrotron is a unique place - a little sun on earth - where electrons accelerated to near the speed of light circulate in a ring and emit synchrotron radiation. What such radiation is used for, how the electron gun and the synchrotron building are constructed - our specialists will tell you all about it. Visit our experimental hall, see the largest research machine in Poland.

Age group: from 8 years (tour in groups of 20)

Registration: YES

Hours: 16:00,16:30,17:00,17:30,18:00,18:30,19:00,19:30, 20:00, 20:30

Nature of light (by the Passage of Covers in Tarnow)

Type: Demonstrations, experiments 

Event description: . Can we talk about light convincingly at any other time than when it is dark? The nature of light is a topic we want to introduce during the scientific show at the Małopolska Night of Scientists 2023. Light commonly perceived as visible radiation will become the starting point for showing a much wider range of this phenomenon. We will talk about ultraviolet and infrared, photons and electromagnetic waves. The shows are organized by the Passage of Covers in Tarnow. 

Age group: 8-11 years old, 12-15 years old, older teens 16+ and adults 

Registration: YES (groups of 25) 

Hours: 17:00, 18:00, 19:00 

Microwaves in the light factory: from the microwave to the synchrotron

Type: Scientific workshops

Event Description: Come to our light factory to learn more about everyday devices such as the microwave and radio. Our specialists will present several experiments related to radio waves (including microwaves) and explain the principle of their operation. Plasma in a microwave, Tesla coil or polarization of a radio wave - after this class such concepts will no longer be foreign to you. The workshop will be held in small groups so that everyone can touch or perform the experience themselves. There will be prizes for the most committed.

Age group: 12 - 15 years old, older teens 16+ and adults 

Registration: YES (groups of 25 people) 

Hours: 17:30, 18:30, 19:30

Eye to eye with science at the synchrotron

Type: Demonstrations, experiments with scientists

Event Description: Would you like to see how we prepare samples for the cryomicroscope, or perhaps measure your growth with nanometre accuracy? Or see a crystal built from a protein? Join us for demonstrations of scientific experiments in a synchrotron setting. Scientists working at the synchrotron on a daily basis have prepared a series of fascinating experiments to better understand the basics of the operation and application of the particle gas pedal (gas pedal). You will be able to peek and talk about the water tornado, levitation, magnetic fields, as well as measure a sample with a laser microscope. There is no need to register for the event. All ages are welcome!

Age group: no restrictions

Registration: NO

Hours: from 16:30 to 21:00

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