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User Office

Alicja Górkiewicz
phone: +48 12 664 41 99
mobile phone: +48 571 445 045

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Beamtime allocation and experiment

The beamline manager will contact you to arrange accurate time of experiment. He/she ensures that the beamtime for a proposal over a 6-month allocation period is scheduled in time slots of appropriate lengths, separated from each other by 'technical' time intervals.
Preferred dates and unacceptable periods (declared while submitting proposal on DUO) are taken into account as much as possible by the beamline manager.

List of experimentalists, a safety training and the date of arrival

After the positive evaluation has been given and the beamtime has been granted, the electronic form of the User Declaration has to be filled by the Main Proposer via the Digital User Office. The User Declaration provides the SOLARIS with the information necessary to prepare the visit of the experimental team. Use the DUO software application form to add all participants of the experiment who will come to the SOLARIS Centre. The added persons should be tagged with the status "experimentalist”. User Declaration Form must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the start of the experiment. Note that the main proposer is not automatically added to the list of users. If you will be participating in the experimental team, make sure you add yourself to the list of users. A person to be given the status of experimentalist must have his/her account created in DUO.

To get an access card to the SOLARIS infrastructure, it is absolutely necessary to complete the safety training available in the DUO.

The beamline staff will help you to start your experiment by preparing the beamline within the limits of a standard set-up, introduce you to the operating of the beamline and help you in setting up the sample environment. The beamline staff will help you to perform your experiment. However, the scientists at the beamline are not there to perform the complete experiment for you. It is your obligation to provide sufficient staff to operate the experiment 16 hours a day. Before your departure, you are asked to leave the beamline control and experimental areas in the same condition as when you arrived.

Shipment of samples and equipment

The costs of shipping samples to the SOLARIS Centre shall be covered by the users. They are also responsible for the preparation of all documents associated with the shipment.
Regardless of the shipment-related safety requirements, the samples must also meet the SOLARIS safety requirements. These requirements should be communicated to the user along with the sample safety evaluation and are decisive for the acceptance of the shipment.
NOTE: it is not possible to postpone the planned experiment date or to extend the granted beamtime due to a delay of the transport of the sample. Therefore, make sure to make the shipment early enough!
We suggest to bring a portable memory device with you to the SOLARIS Centre. The centre will store the results of experiments only for 90 days. Therefore we advise you to transfer them to your own device on an on-going basis.

Post-experiment report

The user is asked to fill out the post-experiment report available on the DUO platform. The report must be delivered to SOLARIS at the latest within 6 months following the day when the experiment was finished.