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New call for proposals in September 2022

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Rapid access

A rapid access to SOLARIS beamlines is already available!

Who can apply?

First, please check if your proposal meets following requirements:

  • the necessity to perform the experiment immediately because of the scientific value of potential test results
  • the necessity to supplement previous experiment results to complete the research project and/or publication
  • willingness to check the feasibility of the project through test measurements.

If yes, you can apply to SOLARIS using a rapid access procedure!

If no, please apply for beam time during our spring or autumn call for proposals (more info here).

How to apply?

Download a proposal template, fill it in and send it (in PDF format) to the SOLARIS User Office and to the relevant beamline scientist.

Please remember, that the document must not exceed five A4 pages, including a maximum two pages of the scientific part. Minimal font size: 12 pt (Times New Roman).

We will contact you as soon as possible! The evaluation time is a maximum of three weeks. Each beamline has reserved some beamtime for rapid access purposes. Please remember, that the potential access is not immediate and depends on a pre-scheduled calendar defined by beamline scientists for a particular end station. 

Experiment Report must be submitted no later than 6 weeks after the end of the experiment. Please use the TEMPLATE to prepare the Report.

More information is here in the part After the Experiment.

Useful contacts

SOLARIS User Office – Alicja Górkiewicz, e-mail:;  phone: +48 12 664 41 99 or +48 571 445 045

URANOS beamline (before UARPES beamline) – Dr. Natalia Olszowska, e-mail:, phone: +48 12 664 41 72

PIRX beamline (before XAS beamline) –  Dr. Marcin Zając, e-mail:, phone: +48 12 664 41 59

PHELIX beamline - Dr. Magdalena Szczepanik, phone: +48 519 307 867, email: or Msc Tomasz Sobol, phone: +48 12 664 41 46, email:

DEMETER beamline - Dr. Anna Mandziak, phone: +48 12 664 41 03, e-mail: or Dr. Krzyszof Matlak, phone: +48 12 664 41 24, e-mail:

ASTRA beamline (before SOLABS beamline) - Dr. Alexey Maximenko, phone: +48 12 664 41 09, e-mail:

Cryo-EM microscope - dr Michał Rawski, phone: +48 12 664 41 04, email:

Useful information

Please remember, that you are always welcome to consult your experiment with our beamline scientists. The number of shifts you can apply for depends on the beamline:

  • PIRX – to be agreed individually with a beamline scientist, three shifts at the most.
  • URANOS, DEMETER, ASTRA and PHELIX – to be agreed individually with a beamline scientist.

1 shift = 8 hours

To find all useful tips on how to write a good proposal, we recommend that you check information on the How to Submit a Proposal page.