Contribution list

Name Surname Presentation topic
Cristina Pasotti News from Elettra
Peter Hartmann RF Upgrade at DELTA
Ruediger Onken Easy disconnecting a faulty cavity from the transfer line
Bernhard Schriefer News at HZB
Stefan Wilke Calibrating the Cavity Voltage using Beam Current instead of RF Power
Zahra Hazami Development of a Solid State Amplifier for the 3rd Harmonic Cavity for ALBA Synchrotron Light Source
Jesús Ocampo ALBA status
Jacob Jörn RF Operation at the ESRF and EBS Upgrade
Rajesh Sreedharan SOLEIL LLRF & control activities
Piotr Tracz Current Status of RF Linac for GBS-ELI-NP
Nigel Smale FLUTE RF System
Lukas Stingelin SLS RF operation and status of the SLS-2.0 proposal
Beatriz Bravo 1.5 GHz Cavity Design for the CLIC Damping Ring and as Active Third Harmonic cavity for ALBA
Paweł Borowiec Status of SOLARIS