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Accelerators Deputy Director

Adriana Wawrzyniak
phone: 12 664 40
mobile phone: 519 307 950

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Linear accelerator

The SOLARIS linear accelerator accelerates the electron beam produced in the electron gun to a speed of 99.99996 per cent of the speed of light. The beam is then injected into the storage ring.

The thermionic electron radio frequency (RF) gun is a 3 GHz RF cavity fed by a high power electromagnetic field. The source of the electrons is BaO cathode heated up to c.a. 1000oC. The pulsed electric field bunches an electron beam and accelerates it up to 2.8 MeV.

The linear accelerator (linac) consists of six five-meter long S-band travelling wave accelerating structures combined in three accelerating units. Each accelerating unit contains one SLED (SLAC Energy Doubler) cavity and two linac structures and is powered by an RF amplifier. Between the linac structures, quadrupoles, steering magnets and diagnostics instruments are placed to focus and guide the beam. The total length of the linac is 40 metres and the maximum energy of the electron beam is 600 MeV.

The transfer line efficiently transports the beam from the linac to the storage ring. The main components of the transfer line are the dipoles with a total bend angle of 27 degrees, which bend the beam in the vertical plane, as well as six focusing quadrupoles. The last element is a septum magnet, which connects the injector with the storage ring.

The transfer line is the last element of the injection system, and at the same time the first element of the storage ring.

Rzut Akceleratora liniowego

The beam parameters at the injector exit
Beam Parameters Value    
Energy gain (max.) [MeV] 550    
Charge of an electron bunch [nC] 0.2
Beam current [mA] 600
Emittance (norm, rms) horizontal/vertical mm mRad 3,111/2,175
Energy spread [keV] 400
Bunch length [ps] 14