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Accelerators Deputy Director

Adriana Wawrzyniak
phone: 12 664 40
mobile phone: 519 307 950

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Storage ring

The storage ring is the heart of the SOLARIS Center: it is here that due to the curvature of the electron movement path, synchrotron radiation is created. The storage ring ramps the electron beam from injection (approx. 550 MeV) to its final 1.5 GeV energy, and stores the circulating beam for many hours on a fixed stable orbit.

The storage ring consists of 12 identical Double-Bend Achromat (DBA) cells. The typical DBA cell contains two bending magnets flanked with strong focusing quadru­poles and sextupoles. In order to reduce the number of magnets, a few magnet functions have been combined and integrated in one solid iron block within a cell. This innovative technology makes it possible to obtain a very low emittance electron beam circulating in the machine of a relatively small size.

DBA cells are separated by 3.5 m long straight sections, of which ten are reserved for various insertion devices. The twelfth section is fully equipped with two 100 MHz main cavities for an energy boost which compensates for the energy losses of the circulating electrons, and two passive Landau cavities for bunch elongation, which im­proves the beam lifetime.

schemat dolnej połowy komórki DBA

The lower part of the SOLARIS storage ring magnet, length: 4.5 m, weight: 3.5 T


Schemat akceleratora kołowego

SOLARIS storage ring DBA cells


The SOLARIS storage ring main parameters
Parameter Value
Energy 1.5 GeV             
Max. current 500 mA
Circumference 96 m
Main RF frequency 99,93 MHz
Max. number of circulating bunches 32
Horizontal emittance (without insertion devices) 6 nm rad
Coupling 1%
Tune Qx, Qy 11.22; 3.15
Natural chromaticity ξx, ξy -22.96, -17.14
Corrected chromaticity ξx, ξy +1, +1
Electron beam size (straight section centre) σx, σy 184 µm, 13 µm
Electron beam size (dipole centre) σx, σy 44 μm, 30 μm
Max. number of insertion devices  10
Momentum compaction 3.055 x 10-3
Total lifetime of electrons 13 h