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SOLARIS without barriers

SOLARIS without barriers

The SOLARIS Center makes every effort to provide facilities for the disabled and the elderly, to enable easy movement around the building, as well as to provide parking spaces. The system of applied facilities is presented below.





Tel. 12 664 41 50

Tel. 12 664 40 11


Tel. 12 664 41 83

Architectural accessibility of the facility:

1. The building has 8 entrances (1 main and 7 side), from which the main entrance and 3 side entrances are wheelchair accessible.

2. Vertical communication - 1 elevator and 4 staircases. The corridors and the hall allow you to move freely. There are 2 toilets for people with disabilities in the building, located on the ground floor and level -1.

3. There is a gatehouse in the main hall where you can get help and information.

4. There is a car park next to the building, with 2 parking spaces for disabled people.

5. The facility is available for a person using an assistance dog.

6. At the Jagiellonian University, you can use a Polish sign language interpreter. The service is available from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm. In order to ensure better translation comfort, please report your request for an interpreter in advance to the Department for Disabled People of the Jagiellonian University (Tel. 12 663-43-40). Using the service is free of charge.