PHELIX beamline

PHELIX is a beamline using soft X-rays, the source of which will be APPLE II undulator with permanent magnets. This type of insertion device gives the opportunity to obtain a variable polarization of light: linear polarization at any angle as well as circular and elliptical polarization. Currently, the PHELIX beamline is at an advanced stage of design.

The PHELIX end-station will enable a wide range of spectroscopic and absorption studies characterized by different surface sensitivity. Besides collecting standard high-resolution spectra, it will allow, e.g. to map the band structure in three dimensions and to detect the spin in three dimensions.

The main components planned for the PHELIX end-station are as follows:

  • well-equipped analysis chamber with hemispherical photoelectron energy analyzer with resolution ~1 meV, 3D spin detector VLEED-type, total fluorescence detector and additional sources of radiation (X, UV) enabling operation without a beam,
  • preparation chamber with effusion cells and EBVs for in situ thin layers deposition with precise control of their thickness, LEED diffractometer, leak valves enabling operation with various gases and a sample stage allowing samples to be heated up to 2000°C,
  • crystal cleaver chamber allowing to expose atomically smooth surfaces under ultra-high vacuum conditions.


  • new materials for spintronics and magnetoelectronics, topological insulators
  • thin films and multilayers systems including samples obtained in-situ
  • surface of bulk compounds
  • surface magnetism, spin polarized surface states
  • chemical reactions taking place on the surface
  • biomaterials.

The beamline team:

  • prof. dr. hab. Jacka Szade, SOLARIS Centre / University of Silesia in Katowice, phone: +48 507 278 072, email: jacek.szade(at)
  • dr inż. Magdalena Szczepanik-Ciba, SOLARIS Centre, phone: +48 519 307 867; e-mail:

Expected beamline parameters:

Radiation source elliptically polarizing undulator (EPU), APPLE II type with permanent magnets
Photon energy range (using the energy of the electrons in the storage ring of 1.5 GeV 30–1500 eV for horizontal polarization
40–1500 eV for circular polarization
50–1500 eV for vertical polarization
70–1500 eV for linear polarization inclined at 45°
Maximum resolving power (RP) > 10 000
The maximum size of the excited area on the sample 100 µm x 100 µm with the resolving power (RP) ≥ 10 000 over the entire energy range and for all polarizations
Photon flux on the sample ≥ 1×1013 photons/s/0.1% B.W. for 50 eV and ≥ 1×1011 photons/s/0.1% B.W.  for 1500 eV, for maximum RP and electron current in the storage ring (500 mA)
Controlled polarization variable linear, circular and elliptical