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POLYX is a compact beamline for X-ray microimaging and X-ray microspectroscopy in the energy range 4-15 keV. The name POLYX originates from polycapillary X-ray optics that is used for X-ray focusing and from the possibility of using polychromatic X-rays to increase the X-ray flux from SOLARIS bending magnet in the hard X-ray energy range. POLYX beamline is developed in close cooperation with scientists from the Jagiellonian University, the AGH University of Science and Technology and the Institute of Nuclear Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences. POLYX enables imaging of 2D and 3D structure, elemental distribution, and chemical phases in investigated samples.

Experimental techniques

  • X-ray microimaging and X-ray microtomography with absorption and phase contrast, 
  • X-ray fluorescence microscopy (µXRF),
  • X-ray absorption (µXAS) and emission (µXES) spectroscopy.


Experimental techniques on Polyx beamline


The experimental geometry at POLYX can be easily reconfigured and the beamline has a dedicated area for user setups, which enables non-standard experiments and test. Potential POLYX users are encouraged to propose and consults non-standard experiments with POLYX staff.

POLYX is currently under construction and the start of operation is planned for 2023.

Beamline parameters

Parameters Value
Source Bending magnet (critical energy ~2keV)
Ee=1.5 GeV, B=1.31T, Imax=500 mA, σH=44 µm, σV=30 µm
Angular acceptance 1.5 mrad horizontally
Sample position ~14.5m from the source
Available energy range 4 – 15 keV
Operation modes “White beam”: 1012 ph/s/mm2
“High flux”:  double multilayer monochromator (DMM): 1011 ph/s/mm2 (@8 keV), BW 1-2%
“High resolution”: double crystal Si(111) monochromator (DCM): 109 ph/s/mm2 (at 8 keV), BW 2×10-4
Energy resolution ΔE/E DCM: 1.4×10-4
DMM: 1-2%
Beam size at sample (H x V) unfocused beam (max. beam size): 20 mm x 4 mm,
focused beam (min. focus size): 
for polycapillary optics: 8 µm – 200 µm
for monocapillary: 2 µm
Photon flux at sample

Max. flux in 10 µm @ 8 keV:
DMM: 1011 ph/s
DCM: 109 ph/s


Sample environment air, helium, low vacuum (user setups)
End station POLYX - μCT/μXRF/μXAS Currently available: 
Research techniques:  μCT, μXRF, μXAS
Temperature conditions: room temperature
Pressure: atmospheric pressure
Sample holder: please contact beamline stuff to discuss details of the holder