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New call for proposals in spring 2024

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Proposal evaluation

The proposals are subject to:
  1. technical evaluation – this defines whether the experiment may be performed using SOLARIS research infrastructure; it is conducted by the beamline manager,
  2. (sample) safety evaluation – this defines whether a sample meets the safety criteria of the Jagiellonian University, it is conducted by the JU OSH Inspectorate,
  3. substantive evaluation – this determines the scientific value of the experiment and determines the amount of beamtime to be allocated; it is conducted by an International Review Panel appointed by the Director of the SOLARIS NSRC.
Please note that only those applications for which the outcome of the technical and safety evaluations have been positive will qualify for the substantive evaluation.
Substantive evaluation criteria:
  • level of innovation in the planned research,
  • precise scientific hypotheses,
  • clearly defined methodology and anticipated research results,
  • convincing grounds for use of synchrotron radiation,
  • applicants' scientific achievements,
  • timely presentation of reports on earlier measurements performed at SOLARIS.
Proposals are evaluated as follows:
A* - Outstanding Proposal. The proposal is outstanding: well-written, involving innovative research into exciting science, the scientific case is compelling and the proposal is timely. A successful outcome would have a significant impact on the research field in question and beamtime will be allocated at the SOLARIS during the current proposal round.
A - Excellent Proposal. An excellent proposal which is complete, scientifically compelling and timely, and should be conducted at SOLARIS during the current proposal round.
B - Good Proposal. A good proposal with a relevant scientific basis which fully deserves beam time but is of lower priority in a competitive environment, or a potentially excellent proposal which is lacking some information, e.g. preliminary results, further explanations. In this case the Panel should specify the additional information required in the comment. Such proposals can be allocated according to beamtime availability based on a ranking list.
C - Sound Proposal. The proposal is based on a sound scientific basis but is considered scientifically less compelling or less timely than competing proposals, or the need for SOLARIS is not obvious.
X - Rejected Proposal. The proposal is technically or scientifically flawed and cannot be conducted, or the scientific case is not worthy of synchrotron time, or the scientific case cannot be evaluated due to poor writing of the proposal.