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New call for proposals in spring 2024

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Rapid access

Please check if your proposal meets following requirements:
  • the necessity to perform the experiment immediately because of the scientific value of potential test results,
  • the necessity to supplement previous experiment results to complete the research project and/or publication,
  • willingness to check the feasibility of the project through test measurements.
If yes, you can apply to SOLARIS using a rapid access procedure!
If no, please apply for beam time during our spring or autumn call for proposals.
The Rapid Access procedure does not work for the Cryo-EM microscope.
Additionally, losing access to local research infrastructure as a result of force majeure (such as natural disasters, acts of terrorism, acts of war, or other events of a similar nature) enables you to pick the option of performing your rapid access experiment remotely on chosen beamlines (assuming it satisfies the rapid access conditions).
To apply for Rapid Access, you need to fill out the standard form in SUN and choose the “Rapid Access” type of proposal.
  • General information, where you must provide the application title, list the co-authors and select the beamline and end station; you should also specify the synchrotron parameters which are necessary to carry out the experiment.
  •  A scientific part where you must include the abstract and a substantive description of the experiment. To prepare your proposal, you should  use the template of the "Scientific Part" (document in: .docx, .odt, .tex). This document must not exceed two A4 pages (including figures and references) with a minimal font size of 12 pt (Times New Roman).
  • Samples, where you must use a special form to describe every sample type you intend to bring to SOLARIS. You must create a separate form for every sample type. Our algorithm calculates the safety level for the specific sample and this level is later verified by a Safety Manager.You can use the last tab – Submit proposal – to send your application to us! Remember that you can save the application at any stage of its creation process. 
Remember to write the proposal in English.
We will contact you as soon as possible! The evaluation time is a maximum of three weeks. Each beamline has reserved some beamtime for rapid access purposes. Please remember, that the potential access is not immediate and depends on a pre-scheduled calendar defined by beamline scientists for a particular end station. 
Experiment Report must be submitted no later than 6 weeks after the end of the experiment. Please use the TEMPLATE to prepare the Report. The Report should be submitted electronically via the SOLARIS User Network (SUN).