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Two electron microscopes (Cryo-EM) dedicated for Life-Sciences - ThermoScintific Glacios Cryo-EM with Falcon 4 and Titan Krios G3i - are located at NSRC SOLARIS.

The extensive experience of our specialists in both sample preparation, data collection and analysis allow us to obtain the desired results at the best resolution.

The microscopes are dedicated to samples such as:

- large protein complexes,

- interactions of proteins with other proteins, antibodies, inhibitors, nucleic acids, active molecules,

- substrate binding to active sites,

- artificial constructs based on proteins, DNA, RNA,

- viral and bacteriophage fragments,

- orientation and interaction of liquid crystal molecules,

- microcrystals (MicroED - Microcrystalline Electron Diffraction),

- polymers, fibers, nanomaterials,

- micelles, liposomes and nanoparticles.


Easy access to microscopes

Titan Krios G3i Cryo-EM - access for non-commercial users only, access free of charge. 

In order to use the equipment, one has to submit a research application in English through the DUO (Digital User Office) system. Applications can be submitted twice a year in Spring and Autumn call.


Glacios™ Cryo-EM - access for both commercial and non-commercial users, paid access.

More information about access for commercial users in the industry tab. 


If you are interested in using Glacios microscope please contact our industry liaison officer: 

Dr. Piotr Ciochoń

Tel: 12 664 41 11



Need help with grid preparation or data analysis?

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Krios G3i datasheet